Garden Design

Garden DesignAnother one of our special services is landscaping and garden design. Our landscaping technicians will prepare the ground and layout as per your every requirement and lay the basis of a great looking garden. We will use only the latest and most efficient equipment and techniques to form the foundations of your new stylish garden.

The landscaping and design process are carried out with the active participation of our customers so that no useful ideas or suggestions are missed along the way. We will do a full survey of the terrain, including measurements and initial estimates. Our designers will walk you through the entire process and will keep you in the loop from the rough drafts to the final sketches and presentation.

Our garden design service includes also the drafting of a planting plan to pin point the best places for different kinds of plants and trees. The designers can provide you with helpful advice on final touches like garden furniture and garden lighting. The prices for the design service are formed at per job basis. This gives us the chance to form prices accordingly and tailor those to suit your individual budget and project requirements. Our teams will visit you for a free quote or initial viewing of the landscape and garden. This will enable us to draft a design to suit your lifestyle and complement the architecture of your home and do so in accordance with your budget. Keep in mind that a professionally designed garden or backyard will definitely add market value to your home if you’re about to go on the estate market.

If you wish, we can organize for an aftercare program to keep your plants and garden in check after the initial design project and planting have been completed. We can also offer you the option of a design one-off advice. This option can be used when you only need certain parts of the yard and garden done professionally or you wish to clarify with us specific areas of garden design in general.