Path, Driveway and Garden Cleaning

Path, Driveway and Garden CleaningOver time foot paths, driveways and other concrete and stone parts of the property become dull, faded or stained with everyday use and annual exposure to the elements. This in turn can hamper the overall appearance of your home and depreciate its market value. We have provided the path, driveway and garden cleaning service for a while now and have gathered extensive experience.

We can take care of different surfaces and materials like concrete, tarmac, stone paving, or the patio, we also pressure clean wood decking. The equipment can also be used on different garden ornaments like wrought iron fixtures or mailboxes. We successfully clean moss and water marks from exterior garden furniture like marble benches or tables. Our teams use high powered, heavy duty, modern cleaning equipment to perform the service thus guaranteeing you an exceptional result.

We don’t use any harmful chemicals or solvents but the clean power of water and steam harnessed through the latest high pressure jet cleaners or rotary cleaners. Our fleet of vehicles will come prepared and fully loaded including a water tank used for the job. In cases where the damage is extensive and accumulated over time like oil or fuel stains on the driveway we will use only biodegradable solvents since water alone cannot dissolve such residues.

As our equipment can be fine tuned for smaller less tough residues, we can also perform the service for your windows, fascias and other more sensitive parts of your home’s exterior. We will provide you with a free quote as per the job details you give to our staff. In order to quote you correctly we will require all job details and if necessary we may visit you for a viewing. Our people are fully trained in using the high pressure cleaning equipment and we have all the necessary trade insurance. The company is licensed to operate and provide such service for all metro areas and most of the outskirts.