Tree Surgery and Repair

Tree Surgery and RepairThe company also specializes in some more heavy duty services like tree surgery and tree repair. We have the metro area fully covered by this service. We can also provide tree felling service, tree pruning and stump removal. We have a qualified team of tree surgeons, using the latest and safest arboricultural techniques and methods to make sure each tree in your yard is given a good life.

If new trees are to be planted, our specialists will analyze the soil and garden conditions to choose the most suitable place. Don’t forget that trees get ill just as humans do and some trees have to be cut down, especially trees suffering extensive internal rotting. Removing dangerous trees is vital when keeping your family safe in the yard or garden.

Our tree technicians have the necessary experience and equipment to perform a tree removal operation safely and quickly – if you like, they can also replant new trees in places where old stumps have been removed or level out stump holes. Our experts can perform pruning of almost any kind of tree. They will consider each tree on its own and as part of the entire garden and will perform pruning only where necessary and in such manner that the overall look of the garden is not compromised. Only measured and very specific cuts will be made to the tree, no lower than the branch collar.

We guarantee that all damaged, dead or deceased branches will be removed safely with no damage to any of your property. This will be done safely and effectively using modern equipment and know-how. Fees and prices are formed at per job basis and reflect actual amount of work done and materials used so there are no unfair price bumps anywhere along the way. You do have the option of a free of charge, no obligation quote so be sure to get in touch with our friendly staff and give them the details.